ZAHRA NOORBAKHSH is a Feminist Muslim, Iranian-American comedian and cohost of the award-winning podcast, #GoodMuslimBadMuslim. The podcast was listed as a “must listen,” by Oprah Magazine and was invited to the Obama Whitehouse to record an episode. She is a Sr. Fellow on comedy for social change with the Pop Culture Collaborative. Her solo performance, “All Atheists are Muslim: A Romantic Comedy,” was originally directed by W.

Kamau Bell says, "Zahra's voice is an asset in the polarizing and often violent political turmoil we live in." Reza Aslan says "always insightful, always subversive...Zahra's comedic romps disrupt an outdated narrative." Her writing is featured in the NY Times and on NPR's Fresh Air with Terry Gross. This June, in San Francisco, her debut comedy album, “On Behalf of All Muslims: A Comedy Special,” presented by Golden Thread Productions and directed by Lisa Marie Rollins is slated for world premiere performance at the historic Brava Theatre. Don't miss it!