Zahra Noorbakhsh

Feminist, Muslim, Iranian-American Comedian

Hijab and Hammerpants

Through humorous and dramatic scenes, Noorbakhsh explores the hijab’s paradoxical role in political discourse, where it acts as both a symbol of oppression and a stamp of authenticity — and therefore, authority.

All Atheists are Muslim

“All Atheists are Muslim” tells the story of introducing Noorbakhsh’s atheist, infidel, Whitey-white boyfriend to her Iranian Muslim parents, in college. The title suggests that if atheist and Muslim ideologies can find common ground than those of us in between can as well.


Cultural indigestion, color-blindness and inter-ethnic vertigo. Is there a cure? Is it treatable? Is it contagious? That’s what three women, Zahra, Thao and Coke — Iranian, Vietnamese and Okinawan/Japanese — try to find out as they aim to DIS-orient themselves from external stereotypes and internal expectations.