Zahra Noorbakhsh

Feminist, Muslim, Iranian-American Comedian

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Even though I wasn’t Muslim, many of the scenes felt like echoes from my own life. I had an almost identical conversation about roommates with my own father when I first moved in with my now husband right after college.

When A Comedian Is Afraid, Yukari Kane


Still, “We’re just like you!” comedy is so much of what I’m being asked to do these days. Television producers, publishers and those booking events for college campuses all seem to want something similar: a representative of an “everyday” Muslim (I still don’t really know what that means) with an outlook relatable enough to get audiences to forget their bigotry. These pleas don’t make me as sad as the ones that come from Muslim activists, who seem to be begging: Use your jokes to make us human; make us likable; let us prove to people that we’re just like them.

— It’s Not This Muslim Comedian’s Job to Open Your Mind, Zahra Noorbakhsh