Zahra Noorbakhsh

Feminist, Muslim, Iranian-American Comedian

#1 on iTunes Editor's Choice, Superstar, World Champion, the usual.

On behalf of all Muslims (including Taz and I) — THANK YOU! We couldn't have made it up to the top without you (and without Trump supporters, apparently. See Exhibit A below).

What started as a Twitter conversation is now an acclaimed podcast, with shoutouts from Terry Gross and Kamau Bell. I look forward to every recording (including ones at THE WHITE HOUSE) or at Islamic Cultural Centers where I get to convert people.

Silly Trump bot, I'm nacho friend!

Silly Trump bot, I'm nacho friend!

Now I'm on the way to NYC for Muslim Funny Fest! I will be performing in not just one, but TWO events: The Superstars of Muslim Comedy and The World Champions of Muslim Comedy. Tickets sold crazy fast last year. Unfortunately, the currency is in dollars, not Heaven Points. But you'll get them all back by watching me.

See you then, New York!

Shoutout to my shoutouts!


It's been a crazy couple of weeks! FIRST OF ALL, I just want to say how very grateful I am to everyone who's been keeping up with my mayhem. I'm so thankful for each and every one of you.

That being said, I'm honored to have been shouted out at (no, not a catcall) by Terry Gross and Kamau Bell! I handled it pretty well, I think.


And, I went to America's Casablanca.

I just did my show at the White House with the amazing Taz. Barack Obama was there. The usual. 

Sure, it's a lot of whispering. But that's just a teaser — we'll be uploading the full version soon.


You heard it! (Or, read it. But if you're a real fan you'd be hearing this in my own voice. Are you doing that now? Lalala).

Anyway, we'll be LIVE at Oakland Mosque soon. Good Muslims and Bad Muslims are welcome to join us. If you've wanted to be a guest on a podcast, now's your chance.

I'm so photogenic, I know.

I'm so photogenic, I know.

Tickets are available for purchase right here.

Until next time,